Pergola Builders

Are you looking to get a pergola installed in Joondalup or the surrounding areas?  We can help!  Joondalup Pergolas services the northern suburbs of Perth.  We specialize in the design and construction of pergolas that will transform your outdoor living area.

Joondalup Pergolas provide installation of different types of pergolas and roof options including:


A timber framed Pergola is a great addition to your home. By creating an outdoor entertaining area you can entertain guests, enjoy a quiet cup of coffee or spend quality time with your family. 

We build the Pergola frame from H3 treated and seasoned pine.  The solid frame-work provides more options when adding ceiling fans, party lights and speakers to your outdoor area. 

We have successfully installed hundreds of Perth pergolas.  With our experience in the industry and commitment to professional service, you can be sure that your pergola will last for years to come.

Please contact Joondalup Pergolas to discuss your requirements or to arrange an onsite quote.

Gabled Pergolas

Installing a gabled or pitched roof pergola can give your outdoor living area an open and expansive feel. A professionally designed timber framed Gabled roof also works well to shelter and protect your family and guests from the Australian elements.  Joondalup Pergolas provides installation of timber framed Gabled pergolas in the Northern suburbs of Perth.

Your gabled pergola is custom designed and built to suit your requirements.  If you are entertaining guests and need a covered, protected area, a gabled Pergola is a great solution.  Not only does it look modern, but the added height allows you to install ceiling fans, attach stereo speakers and party lights.

Joondalup Pergolas provide a range of design and roofing options for your gabled pergolas including:


Joondalup Pergolas will work with you from start to finish, from taking care of the entire building permit process through to the construction process and finish.  We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations every time!

For more information on gabled pergolas, please contact Joondalup Pergolas or request a free quick quote.

Flat Pergolas

A flat roof profile is the simplest pergola type. The smooth, simple, uncluttered lines of the classic flat pergola can create a functional outdoor living area that will add value to your home and outdoor areas. 


The advantages of a flat pergola include:

  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Can cover most areas.
  • Low maintenance.


Joondalup Pergolas work with you from start to finish, from taking care of the entire building permit process through to the construction process and finish.  We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations every time!

For more information on flat pergolas, please contact Joondalup Pergolas

See some of our Flat Pergolas below:

Shade Cloth Pergolas

Joondalup Pergolas provides a wide range of roofing options so our clients are able to select the option most suitable to their needs.  

Shade cloth provides cover and is pervious to water. It's great for green thumbs wanting to shade to their plants. Our system of attachment is very durable and looks very neat, no need for rows and rows of battens. The shade cloth is attached to battens with marine grade stainless steel staples and the battens are securely fastened to the pergola structure with galvanised screws.  The result is shade cloth installed on top of the pergola that is taut and tidy. It looks like a carpet on the roof. Shade cloth is available in a variety of colours. Most of our clients choose 90% shade cloth but it is also available in 70%. Gardeners often request the 70% shade cloth for healthy growth of their plants year round.

See some of our shade cloth pergolas below:

Polycarbonate Roof Pergolas

Polycarbonate is an impervious roofing material providing protection from the sun, rain and weather while still letting in light. It's great for brightening up the outdoor area. It can also be used for skylights near the house windows on a colorbond roof to let some light inside the house. Heat reflective polycarbonate sheets reduce the amount of heat transfer while still letting in a generous amount of light.

See some of our Polycarbonate pergolas below:

Colorbond Roof Pergolas

Colorbond is Australia's most popular roofing brand.  It is well known for its durability.

Colorbond is a very durable roofing material providing protection from the sun, rain and other harsh elements. Colorbond is made tough for Australian conditions.  With a durable, baked-on paint finish, Colorbond steel resists chipping, peeling and cracking, delivering long life performance with low maintenance.  It also is available in a variety of colours inspired by the colours of the Australian outdoors.

See some of our our Colorbond pergolas below.

Pergola Service & Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance work on your Pergola will help ensure that it stands up to the elements and continues to look as good as it did when it was newly installed.

Need pergola repair? Let us help! We can handle all of your pergola repairs, reconstruction and maintenance needs to help ensure that your Pergola will stand up to the elements.


Joondalup Pergolas can assist you in the following maintenance services:

  • Replacement of damaged timbers.
  • Replacement of roofing materials.
  • Repair or replacement of Pergola gutters and flashings

From re-painting through to replacing damaged timbers or increasing the strength of your pergola structure, Joondalup Pergolas can help restore and protect your investment for years to come.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange an on-site quote.