Polycarbonate Sheeting Perth

Joondalup Pergolas can assist in the following areas:

  • Replacement of polycarbonate sheeting across Perth
  • Repair of polycarbonate sheeting across Perth.
  • Repair or replacement of gutters across Perth.


Are you looking to get polycarbonate sheeting installed or replaced in Perth's Northern suburbs? 

We specialise in the design and construction of polycarbonate roofing pergolas that will transform your outdoor living area, as well as suit your requirements and budget.

A pergola with polycarbonate roofing can improve your outdoor entertaining area for you and your entire family to enjoy. A polycarbonate roof pergola is a great addition to your home and provides a place where you can entertain guests, enjoy a cup of coffee or spend quality time with your family.

Joondalup Pergolas guarantee our service and installation with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee on installation work. We stand by our work as we have successfully installed hundreds of Perth polycarbonate roof pergolas. With our experience in the industry and commitment to professional service, you can be sure that your polycarbonate roofing pergola will last for years to come.

See some of our polycarbonate sheeting pergolas below:

Polycarbonate sheeting is an impervious roof providing protection from the sun, rain and weather while still letting in light. It's great for brightening up the outdoor area. Polycarbonate sheeting can also be used for skylights near the house windows on a colorbond roof to let some light into the adjacent house. Heat reducing polycarbonate sheeting reduce the amount of heat transfer while still letting in a generous amount of light.

Please contact Joondalup Pergolas to discuss your requirements or to arrange an onsite quote.

Our Guarantee

As the leading installer of pergolas across the northern suburbs in Perth, Joondalup Pergolas would like to ensure that you are happy with our work. If you are not satisfied with a completed job, we are happy to come back to ensure your total satisfaction with our work. We provide a 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

For a high quality pergola that is built to last, please contact Joondalup Pergolas to discuss your requirements or get a free on-site quote.